5 Key Life Skills To Becoming
              A Living Work Of Art

* Choosing Wisely

     1. Choice filters

     2. Victim traits

     3. Warrior traits

*Becoming The Hero Of Our Own Life Story

     1. Choosing to be a hero

     2. Masterpiece tools

     3. Fear masks

     4. Demotivators and remotivators

*Discovering And Developing Our Life Bliss

     1. Life bliss characteristics

     2. Tools to discover our life bliss

     3. Major life bliss barriers

*Creating A Balanced Life

     1. Mind

        a. Stress management

        b. Communication skills

        c. Addictions and setbacks

        d. Gaining knowledge

        e. Goal setting

     2. Emotion

        a. Love-fear

        b. Adult-child

        c. Forgiveness-anger

        d. Confidence-discouragement


     3. Spirit

        a. Solitude

        b. Study

        c. Support groups

        d. Service

        e. Sustaining growth

     4. Body

        a. Unhealthy lifestyle attitudes

        b. Healthy lifestyle attitudes

        c. Sexuality

*Making A Difference

     1. The wisdom in love

     2. Difference makers


Speaking Engagements

Together, Guy and Claudia bring a well-balanced masculine and feminine perspective to their writing and speaking engagements using story telling, real-life examples, pop culture, and everyday language to connect with readers and audience members.

The Masterpiece Within

Additional Topics Include

*Marriage and Family

*Trauma and Transition

*Spiritual Growth

*High Performance Sports

*Sports Psychology


*Java Church


*Church Planting

*Creating and Maintaining a Career in the

    Entertainment Arts


Guy and Claudia are down to earth speakers who manage to communicate in a way that makes their topics come alive. They are entertaining, funny and intelligent.

Claire Carver-Dias

Canadian Synchro Swimming Team

Olympic Bronze Medalist-2000

I really liked Guy and Claudia's workshop. Their plan had different steps describing how to handle the put downs, negative criticisms and that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. They did a terrific job and I am looking forward to purchasing their book, The Masterpiece Within.

Alyssa Hartwell

Simon Fraser Junior High Student

Calgary, Alberta

Claudia and Guy's writing and speaking is in a word- inspirational. I have known them for many years and always look forward to their fresh insights and fresh ways they present their timeless material. I've used their lessons in my own life and in coaching professional athletes. They are people of high integrity and have a passion to make a difference.

Richie Hall

CFL Saskatchewan Roughrider Coach

All Star player

3 Time Grey Cup Champion

I love Guy and Claudia's writing and speaking. I'm always looking for motivational materials to improve my own life, to find an edge in business, and on the ice. I highly recommend this writing and speaking team. Anyone who attends their workshops or reads their books will be inspired and entertained. 

Cheryl Bernard

Canadian Curling Team

Olympic Silver Medalist-2010

Guy and Claudia are very gifted writers and speakers. Their workshops are filled with several decades of detailed research and experience. Their material has had a huge influence in the way I deal with personal issues right up to large corporate decisions.

Jack Biensch

President, Win-Eagle Petroleum Ltd.

Marsden, Saskatchewan

Guy and Claudia spoke to my boys varsity basketball team and not only were they an inspiration to the team but to me as well. I found myself repeating often to my players throughout the season the ideas they shared. When I am personally challenged I recall much of what they said and their wisdom has helped me to endure and persevere.

J. Robb Kelley


The Colorado Springs School

As a professional educator for over twenty years, I have come to realize that one of our goals for our students is to acquire a dream, or dreams and take the necessary steps to fulfill them. The Masterpiece Within is a valuable resource that can help every individual examine his/her life, and make positive changes where needed.

Lloyd H. Brown

Montgomery Junior High

Calgary, Alberta

Claudia spoke to my class in the clinical doctorate program. She presented herself in a professional manner and spoke with such passion that I still get inquiries from students about how and what she is doing. Her seminar was probably one of the best I have had the good fortune to witness.

Debra Gibbs; Ed, MHS, OTR

Belmont University, Nashville, Tenn.